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sartoria agricola olio extravergine di oliva donna francesca Extra virgin olive oil customized and tailored to satisfy your desire for uniqueness, we will be happy to create your own extra virgin olive oil create a unique olive oil


Short production chain and craftmanship 100% Made in Italy

The raw materials are grown in our fields in Puglia, handcrafted without preservatives and dyes

Our Products

Tailor-made extra virgin olive oil

Sartoria Agricola is the only system in the world that allows each customer to have an oil created according to their taste preferences and packaged in elegant bottles with an innovative design.

Hand-processed almonds

The precious Apulian variety "Filippo Cea" almonds, hand-processed to preserve the special organoleptic characteristics, offered in the natural versions, shelled and peeled, or in the sweet and toasted salty praline versions.

Cream & almond paste

Filippo Cea almond cream and paste, suitable for the creation of sweets and ice creams, and to be spread.

Fruit-based Seasonigs

Single-ingredient fruit-based seasonings, with no added sugar, for savory and sweet dishes: Seasoning Cherries and Seasonings Figs.

Tomato preserves

Tomato-based preserves grown in Apulia, irrigated with brackish water and handcrafted a few hours from harvest: Tomato Sauces, Peeled Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes in Brine and Cherry Tomatoes in Sauce

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unique, 100% made in Italy, with unmistakable packaging?
Our export office is at your disposal.

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