What extra virgin olive oil does Gennaro Nasti use?

What does Gennaro Nasti’s pizza and our extra virgin oil have in common? Being Italian combined with the originality of a product created with passion that promises to return unique sensations.

Pizza maker by choice and Chef by vocation, Gennaro Nasti is the symbol of the avantguarde in the world of pizza. The ingredients chosen are all of the highest quality, just like our extra virgin oil.

After a pilgrimage that brought him to many different pizzerias across America and Europe, Gennaro Nasti from Secondigliano, found Paris to be his ideal location. And here is where his concept of pizza exploded: he is the most famous and prized pizza maker in Paris. Before with Popine, in Boulevard de Menilmontant, then with Bijou di Montmartre, his pizza was ranked the best pizza in the world by Gambero Rosso, that also named Bijou the best Italian restaurant in Paris. While the collaboration with Bijou ended, the curiosity never ends and he is always ready to embrace new adventures.

Gennaro Nasti Signature oil:
Sartoria Agricola tailor-made oil for Gennaro Nasti

The pizzas are bursting with the soul of Naples: his creations came from a traditional idea and all of the ingredients are Made in Italy. For his modern version of a traditional pizzeria, Gennaro personally takes care of the relationships with his suppliers in order to maintain creative collaborations. It is thanks to this that his dishes are one of a kind!

From the beginning we have created a strong relationship with Gennaro. He chose our extra virgin oil among many: the perfect match for his avant guard creations.

Only Sartoria Agricola could be the perfect match for his needs. We have created an extra virgin oil according to his taste preferences, all contained in an innovative and elegant bottle.

Extra virgin oil “tailor-made for you”

Just like he was in his laboratory, we tailor-made the recipe of the extra virgin oil that can enhance the originality of the unique dough that is mild and aromatic enriched with high quality ingredients.
Thanks to Sartoria Agricola, Gennaro has found the perfect ingredients to deliver his concept of avant guard pizza.

The continuous experimentation and the research that Gennaro Nasti does, makes him comparable to a real Chef always looking to create the perfect dish.
New methods of yeast, topping and cooking deliver a new sensory path for tasting this new pizza concept.

Sartoria Agricola was created to help professional like Gennaro, lover of quality that can surprise a customer.
To do this, every single ingredient from tomatoes to oil must be used in perfect balance. The blend we have created together gives character to every pizza.

A Signature coming out of the oven: tailor-made Donna Francesca for Gennaro Nasti oil is the distinctive trait of a pizza created to linger in your memory!

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