Donna Francesca combines the artisan vision with the avant-garde of contemporary gastronomy.
We add the perspective of “made just for you” to our idea of “handmade.”

Value proposition

  • Personalized and tailored extra virgin olive oil
  • Short chain
  • Handcrafted processing
  • 100% made in Italy

Productive structure

The company is divided into the primary production sector, consisting of orchards that extend over a total area of about 130 hectares and the transformation sector consisting of the factory and the oil mill (already active in 1882).

The primary production sector, in which the company has its roots for 5 generations, is represented by the main crops used in processing, namely: olives, almonds, cherries, figs and tomatoes.

The transformation sector consists of an oil mill equipped with the most advanced oil transformation and storage technologies, through which the customer-tailored blending system is organized, called “Sartoria Agricola®”, the company’s flagship.

In the adjacent factory, almonds, cherries, figs and tomatoes are transformed with artisanal processes.
The drying processes of raw materials take place in compliance with traditional systems, through exposure to the sun on ventilated grates, ensuring the dehydration of the products gradually and slowly.


The managerial team completes the work guaranteeing customers competence and commercial, logistic and organizational assistance before and after sales in domestic and foreign markets. The company’s participation in international trade fairs in the sector allows customers to immediately get in tune with the company vision and to be immediately involved in the world of Donna Francesca.

The cultivation processes of the raw materials are managed by a highly specialized team, equipped with the most modern equipment and technologies in the agronomic field. The production process takes place in compliance with the HACCP standards for which the company is certified, through the constant commitment of qualified personnel, who operate in compliance with company quality standards.

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