pomodori pelati a mano donna francesca

With the arrival of the warm season, our senses awaken, making us dream of the scents of the sea and the intense flavors that project us towards the awaited summer holidays. In this context of anticipation and desire for authenticity, Donna Francesca’s “hand-peeled tomatoes” emerge as the undisputed protagonists of our exceptional gastronomic offering.

These hand-peeled tomatoes are a true celebration of the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean, offering a sensory experience that recalls the most genuine tastes of Italian cuisine.

Mediterranean Fragrance and Authentic Flavors

Thanks to irrigation with brackish water, our hand-peeled tomatoes are characterized by an intense aroma and a natural savoriness that makes them unique. Firm, fleshy, and juicy, our tomatoes are delicately processed by hand, an artisanal method that enhances the fruit’s fleshiness.

This traditional method ensures that each tomato maintains its integrity, contributing to the creation of high-quality preserves without the addition of sugars or thickeners, making them ideal for any type of culinary preparation.

Become a Donna Francesca Ambassador

By promoting our hand-peeled tomatoes, you will offer your customers a sought-after and excellent product. Becoming a partner of Donna Francesca means wanting to stand out in a conforming market, offering products that are the result of passionate work and sustainable, respectful production.

If you are looking for products for your shop or gastronomy that can offer a new experience to your customers, our hand-peeled tomatoes are the right choice.

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