Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian – 5l Tin


100% Italian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil made by Donna Francesca only with olives from family-owned fields. A range of extra virgin olive oils is obtained from these fruits, an expression of the art handed down from generation to generation.

The 5-liter can is the ideal solution to always have a high-quality product available in space-saving packaging.

Choose between Fruity (Light, Medium, Intense) or between the monocultirvar Coratina and Ogliarola.


Donna Francesca’s extra virgin olive oil was created to pursue the idea of ​​quality present in the cultivation of olive trees. A vision of preserving quality that starts from the origin of the fruit, from that agriculture that respects nature and from the knowledge of all the olives that will arrive “pressed” on the table. A pact of traceability and authenticity of the product between you and us. Translating the care of the cultivated areas on the table by creating a new product that reflects our “style”. Our idea of ​​quality starts from here and follows two key principles: cold extraction and olive harvesting according to the right degree of ripeness. A series of agronomic and technological processes are added to these two indispensable factors, a practice that allows you to create an ad hoc control process and build a quality assurance path from the olive grove to the bottle.


The line of extra virgin olive oils includes Coratina, Ogliarola and the 100% Italian which includes the different types of Fruity.

Coratina is extra virgin olive oil made only with olives of this variety, one of the best known olive cultivars in Puglia. It stands out on the palate for its strong, spicy but balanced taste. Intense green color thanks to the many polyphenols present, very powerful antioxidants. While tasting, it is easy to find notes of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper, hay and almond.

Ogliarola is extra virgin olive oil made only with olives of this variety. Cultivar Ogliarola like Coratina, is the tree par excellence for Puglia, they coexist together and are an integral part of the landscape. Fruity of medium intensity, elegant, with hints of almond and fresh grass. On the palate the vegetal notes are accompanied by a strong presence of almond. Light bitter and spicy, present and balanced.

Fruttati are made thanks to the skilful blending obtained from these two cultivars in the variant: light, medium, intense.

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