Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lemon Flavoured


The delicacy of lemon and extra-virgin olive oil will enhance your salads, tartars, raw seafood, grilled fish, and grilled meat.

Available in bottles of 100, 250 ml.

Discover new flavors, create original and delicious dishes, and savor the authentic Mediterranean aroma with our new flavoured extra virgin olive oils.

“Every morning, fate doesn’t answer the usual two or three questions. But there is always a Basil plant to give me a caress.”

For an exclusive tasting and a unique taste experience, where culinary art meets Mediterranean flavors, we have created our selection of flavoured extra virgin olive oils.


Donna Francesca extra virgin olive oil is obtained from carefully selected 100% Italian olives, freshly pressed and at the right degree of ripeness and with cold extraction. As with all our products, we at Donna Francesca also carry forward the idea of a unique, excellent product for extra virgin olive oil, carrying on the ancient oil tradition of Puglia but innovating it. This is how the Classic Line and Sartoria Agricola were born.


Sartoria Agricola is the only system in the world that allows each customer to have an extra virgin olive oil made according to their own taste indications and packaged in elegant bottles with an innovative design.

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