Tropical – Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Tropical is the bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the Doodle collection, the limited edition line of glass bottles by Sartoria Agricola. Choose your fruity or cultivar option and immerse yourself in the taste depths of your imagination.

Tropical is part of the Doodle Collection, the limited edition line of glass bottles by Sartoria Agricola. This exclusive line also includes the Monster extra virgin olive oil bottle and the Tropical extra virgin olive oil bottle. Choose your favorite “doodle” and select your favorite fruity or cultivar option. Doodle Collection impresses with its fun and lively original pattern, ideal for brightening up the table with a touch of design. Inside the characteristic bottle, unique in its shape, there is the highest quality extra virgin olive oil from Sartoria Agricola.

Sartoria Agricola is the innovative system designed by Donna Francesca thanks to which you can customize extra virgin olive oil as if it was a outfit. Sartoria Agricola offers you the opportunity to create a high quality product with 100% Italian olives. The unique result is guaranteed by the numerous customizable characteristics: fruity, bitter, spicy, intensity of the hints of grass, tomato, almond and chicory.

As in tailoring fashion, “Collections” are influenced by seasons, events and stories. The other collections of Sartoria Agricola are: Spring Collection, Sensation Collection and Christmas Limited Edition and Classic Line.

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