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Your extra virgin olive oil comes from YOUR choices, it is created by the expert hands of our tasters who prepare it especially for you. In fact, each extra virgin olive oil is made with the aromas and flavors of your choice, obtained exclusively from our highest quality Italian olives.

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  • Intensity:

    Indicates the fragrance of fresh and picked olives at a particular degree of ripeness.

  • Bitter:

    The bitterness of the olive oil is composed of antioxidants with a high nutritional value that allow it to be kept for a long time.

  • Spicy:

    The spiciness is typical of quality extra virgin olive oils and is due to the presence of polyphenols, substances that fight free radicals and help normalize the cholesterol level.

  • Grass

    The herbaceous hints of extra virgin olive oil can recall fresh cut grass and aromatic herbs, giving intense sensations to the taste.

  • Tomato:

    The scent and flavor of tomato is a characterizing element of some extra virgin olive oils which guarantees pleasant sensations in the kitchen.

  • Almond:

    The sweet and sometimes bitter taste of almonds is present in many varieties of olives, the resulting extra virgin olive oil is a delicate expression with a Mediterranean taste.

  • Chicory:

    Bitter, green and fragrant is the sensation that pervades the mouth and smell. It is the flavor that expresses a strong character and enhances tasty dishes.


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