Diced Blanched Roasted Almonds


The diced blanched roasted almonds is distinguished by its unmistakable delicate aroma. The almond oils are enhanced by a light roasting that brings out the tropical scents. The crunchiness and aromatic flavor make the grains ideal for adding a crunch to cakes, pastries, creams, and ice creams.

Our shelled almonds are selected by hand one by one during the harvest period. The Filippo Cea Donna Francesca shelled almonds are grown in Puglia in Mariotto. The almond orchards are grown on the family lands and are cared for daily. The Filippo Cea almond, crunchy and large in size, stands out for its elegant and buttery taste. The Filippo Cea peeled almond allows you to savor the intense flavor of casein. Suitable for all uses of cooking and pastry, excellent for the preparation of Apulian pesto.

The taste of Filippo Cea

With a full flavor and balanced taste, Filippo Cea Italian almonds stands out for its intense casein flavor with an elegant finish followed by a remarkable persistence in the mouth. The complexity of these notes are due to the almond’s richness in essential oils (59.57% of which almost 74% is represented by oleic acid, followed by 18.6% of inoleic acid and 5.5% of palmitic acid).

The history of Filippo Cea

Italian almonds are among the most famous in the world for their goodness. Among these are the almonds grown in Puglia and in particular the Filippo Cea for its large shape and unique taste. Its history is particular. We are at the beginning of 1900. The agronomist Filippo Cea loves to experiment. He engages, selects, creates. Thus was born the most popular almond cultivar for taste and nutritional characteristics. Thanks to the pedoclimatic conditions and the quality of the soil, this particular almond tree with a slender yet robust soul, integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape, becoming an undisputed icon of Puglia with its silhouette, rustic and elegant. The traditionality of the product is also recognized by MIPAAF which has included it in its national list of traditional agri-food products such as Almond of Toritto.

Its uses

The use of Filippo Cea Italian almonds has no boundaries in the kitchen: it can be eaten on its own or as an ingredient in the chef’s most original recipes. From confectionery to pastry, in ice cream as in gastronomy, but also in cosmetics and in the beverage sector, the almond always expresses its character. Thanks to the versatility of this precious fruit it is possible to taste our almonds in various ways: naturally shelled or peeled or in the “wild” version, breaking the shell; or “processed”, that is toasted and salted with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt from Puglia, and praline coated with crunchy sugar.

The benefits

Valuable ally in balanced diets, almond Filippo Cea is a “superfood” thanks to its nutritional profile and nutraceutical values. The presence of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and vitamin E and vitamin B, combine to help reduce the cholesterol level and the risk of cardiovascular events; moreover, thanks to the high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps to increase the sense of satiety by limiting the consumption of other foods.

Energy 2468kJ – 590kcal
Fat 52,5g
of which saturated 3,9g
Carbohidrate 18,7g
of which sugar 4,6g
Dietary fiber 9,9g
Protein 21,4g
Salt 0,02g

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