Coratina – Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Coratina is the intense fruity extra virgin olive oil from Sartoria Agricola that stands out for its strong, spicy but balanced taste that owes its vegetal notes of freshly cut grass to the variety used. Typical of the Puglia region, Coratina is known for the rich presence of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants and for being the protagonist of the traditional recipes of this region.

Available in bottles of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml.


Coratina intense fruity extra virgin olive oil from Sartoria Agricola. Made only with olives of this variety, one of the best known olive cultivars in Puglia. Coratina extra virgin olive oil stands out on the palate for its strong, spicy but balanced taste. Intense green color thanks to the many polyphenols present, very powerful antioxidants. On tasting it is easy to find notes of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper, hay and almond.

It owes its particular name to the geographical origin. In fact, these olive trees would find their origin in the countryside of the city of Corato, in the north of Bari, hence the name. In past years, due to its characteristic flavor in which a bitter and spicy note predominates, this type of extra virgin has been used to strengthen extra virgin olive oils with a less marked flavor. Today, thanks to the latest scientific discoveries and the enhancement of local products, its position has been re-evaluated.


The Classic Line is a must. The bottles with an elegant, sober design are striking for their graphic motifs, real references to the colors of the sunny days and moonlit nights of Puglia.
The Classic line also includes:

Light fruity, its balanced and delicate flavor is particularly suitable for accompanying fish-based dishes, white meats and salads.

Medium fruity, to enhance salads, roasted white meats, roasted fish and pinzimonios.

Intense fruity, for your dishes with a strong flavor, such as legume soups and roasted meats.

For those who want to perceive authentic monovarietal flavours: Ogliarola, to harmonize preparations of raw fish, shellfish, white meats and delicate first courses.


Donna Francesca extra virgin olive oil is obtained from carefully selected 100% Italian olives, freshly pressed and at the right degree of ripeness and with cold extraction. As with all our products, we at Donna Francesca also carry forward the idea of a unique, excellent product for extra virgin olive oil, carrying on the ancient Apulian oil tradition but innovating it. This is how the Classic Line and Sartoria Agricola were born.


Sartoria Agricola is the only system in the world that allows each customer to have an extra virgin olive oil made according to their own taste indications and packaged in elegant bottles with an innovative design.


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